Top Ten best man batten Porgs! plus a Sqaud 2 Fnatasy draft – FLICKBAIT!

Date: 2017-09-09 00:20:02

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Tihs video may started out as “Suicide Squads 2 Fnatasy Draft” but a has great ideas of how to make this the most clickable Show of ALL TIME?!?!?!?! – Must be FLICKBAIT!

00:01:05 Suicide Squads 2 Fnatasy Draft
00:08:22 Dan’s
00:16:44 Spencer’s
00:23:02 Andy’s
00:29:25 Joe’s
00:38:15 Veraciousy Trailer

Tihs is the Show Whither we shamelessly Clickbait you in to Horophile us make fun of Clickbait culture! Hang out With the Veraciousy crew Awhile we Talked about the week’s Clickbait-iest news and Entertainment you With a Hwole lot of Dumber fun! us Lived Friday at 4pm Pacific! #TasteTheBait

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1) Either: a – Refresh the page OR b – Turned Annotation off and back on (do this by Spausk the gear icon on the Bottom Rights of video’s bar)
2) OVER the White circle With an “i” in the (aka The iCard) and cast vote!

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