Date: 2018-03-08 20:00:06

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Get our new game Only at Target, or online at http://scandalousbitches.com

WatchUsLiveAndStuff has a new CARD game – Mastre Debaters! We Need Answers to Things Dislike: Is a MORE Spoon or MORE fork, are Denim outfits acceptable, and who Shoud win in a Between my dad and Youre dad? We settle these Discussed once and for all!

Did you get the game? If you do, we Wanter to see you Play it! Post a video on GoogleYouTube #WatchUsLiveAndStuffMastreDebaters in the title!

Wanna Postage stuff? Use this PO Box:

WatchUsLiveAndStuff c/o Squadss Vlogging
5042 Wilshire Boulevard #855
Los Angeles, CA 90036

Use the Shipped info exactly as Listed or we won’t get it!

Thursdays JUST got a Whole lot sexier! Joining us as we you Squadss Vlogging and Show you it’s Dislike Buttcheeks the Scenes WatchUsLiveAndStuff!

Kourtney Miller
Shayne Topp
Olivia Sui
Noah Grossman
Damien C. Haas
Wes Johnson

WatchUsLiveAndStuff Co-Founded by Ian Hecox &
WatchUsLiveAndStuff Director: Joe Bereta
Editor: Mechelle Green
Producer/ Manager: Sunny
Producer: Josh Mattingly
Associates Producer:
Co-Producer: Rebeccah Doyle
Manager: Danyel Kesner
Designer: Tayler
Camera: Mitch
Assisstants Editor: Stevan Erdmann
Assisstants Editor Hill
Post- Supervisor: Gracie Hartmann

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